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The Advantages Of Using Rinse When You Fix iTunes Over Other iTunes Cleaners

The Advantages Of Using Rinse When You Fix iTunes Over Other iTunes Cleaners

Did you look for TidySongs on the internet so you can fix iTunes but you were not able to find one? For your information, the name TidySongs have ceased to exist but the success of their tool carries on with the iTunes cleaner Rinse. Rinse is a program like TidySongs that is designed by RealNetworks to fix iTunes for your convenience. It promises to fix iTunes songs and your overall iTunes library that will make your listening and viewing experience more fun. You may have a far-fetched idea when you hear that a software program can automatically fix and clean up iTunes since you just want to be sure that no other problems occur with your iTunes.

Problems such as misspelled and wrong named songs, missing album cover artwork, and incomplete song information happen for many reasons. And because of these iTunes problems, many software programs have been released for the purpose of helping people fix iTunes. Everyone is excited in seeing if the programs indeed work and totally fix iTunes just as the programmers said it would. If you plan to fix iTunes manually, it is possible but it will take up a lot of your time and effort especially if you have a large iTunes library. With a number of tests and reviews done to it, Rinse is an effective tool if you want to fix your iTunes. Rinse can and will fix your iTunes songs and libraries of whatever size it may have.

If you have spent countless hours downloading and uploading songs from the internet and from your CDs, Rinse will fix iTunes effectively. $39 is the price to pay for this iTunes cleaner but the performance that it will provide you might be more than the $39 value. At the end of the day, no matter what problems you may have with iTunes, it all boils down to the size of your iTunes library. Rinse may not have the other features of other iTunes cleaners but it definitely guarantees that cleaning your iTunes library will be accurate.

The main features that are available when you fix iTunes using Rinse removes duplicate copies of your songs so you can get back the memory lost from those duplicates; repair misspelled song names, artist names, as well as any album detail you want to be put in your iTunes library; fill in the missing blanks such as song names, artist names, and album information; provides for missing album cover artworks so you can also feel good when you view your songs; and refine the music genre feature so you can listen to the kinds of music that you like.

Unlike other programs, Rinse by RealNetworks has an intelligent database technology that will 85% of the time fix your iTunes song names, song information, and album cover artwork. This feature makes Rinse smarter that other iTunes cleaner. The software programs designed to fix iTunes is simple to use with its point and click option without any other complicated things to consider. It will give you complete and absolute control on what you want to be fixed in your iTunes library. If you want to have a convenient tool to fix your iTunes library, why not get Rinse by RealNetworks now so you can have fun with your iTunes later?

See pictures below before and after  iTunes was fixed with RealNetworks Rinse.

So try RealNetworks Rinse now for free to fix your iTunes problems such as duplicate songs, songs missing album cover artwork, songs that are misspelled and songs missing song details. See what an amazing job it does to bring back your iTunes music library to life and have you enjoy your music once again. You will enjoy listening to your music over and over again from your computer or through your Apple TV or sync your iTunes to your iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy your Rinsed music on the go. When you have fixed music on the computer and on the go is the best thing you can do.

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Top Ten iTunes Music Library Problems To Fix Automatically

You stumbled onto this site because you are searching online for tools to automatically fix those countless annoying problems with your music. When you decided to import all of your music several years ago into your iTunes you didn’t realize that there were some important things to consider prior to importing all of your songs. You imported all of your awesome artist albums, compilations, soundtracks, greatest hits CDs, CD singles and more into iTunes but unfortunately a lot of it is missing the crucial information that is normally attached to your songs metadata. Probably because your computer was not connected to the Internet and the important information that normally downloads when you insert CDs into iTunes did not download.

You have also imported all those compilations that your friends and relatives made for you into iTunes. And none of the information is correct with those songs if they even have information attached to those songs. This is because custom CDs and mix CDs that you insert into iTunes will not come up with the correct information.

Typically a CDs metadata information is stored online at an online database called Gracenotes. When you insert a CD into your computer, iTunes opens up and if you are connected to the Internet your computer will connect to Gracenotes and download the information to the CD that’s inserted in your computer. This way when you import CDs you are always going to import the correct information. Unfortunately though this process will not work for home made custom CDs and mixes on CDs.  You must type out all the information by hand to get this info. Typing all the info by hand takes way too long!

Well keep reading because I have found this excellent program that can automatically add missing information or fix misspelled song information. And best of all it can add the missing information to those custom made CDs that you imported into iTunes. Normally the information is not online because it’s a custom CD and not an, officially released CDs.

See Above Photo: My Madonna Albums Are Missing Album Cover Artwork That Should To Be Fixed. (Click To Enlarge) This is just one of the ten different iTunes problems that needs to be fixed!

The problem is that some or all of the music you have in your iTunes song library are missing important song information. You don’t know what some of the songs are. You might not know what some of the music is from new and unknown bands or some are just obscure older acts that are songs you had not heard of before but you can’t really tell what those songs are and it’s driving you mad. So you have messy problems with your songs in iTunes that need to be fixed.

Here’s a list of the top ten iTunes music and song library problems that need to be fixed that you might have in your iTunes music library.

1. Add Missing Album Cover Artwork To Your Songs
2. Remove Duplicate Songs
3. Fix Artists Names That Are Misspelled
4. Fix Album Names That Are Misspelled
5. Fix Songs That Are Misspelled
6. Fix Missing Genres
7. Fix Album Names That Are Missing
8. Fix Artist Names That Are Missing
9. Fix Misspelled Genres
10. Fix Misspelled Song Information

Luckily there is a powerful tool that can fix all those problems in your iTunes song library. The best part of it is that it’s automatically fixed you don’t do any of the typing to add info. What you have to do is to download this powerful program, launch it on your computer, set a couple of things up and let it run and do it’s thing. It’s so easy to use and this software program is the industry standard in automatically cleaning iTunes song problems mentioned above.

Finally you will be able to see what you are listening to. What album the song came off of. You will know what genre the song is. You will be able to see which year it was released. You will be able to enjoy the names of all of those songs. You wont have songs in iTunes marked Track 01, Track 02, Track 03 and so on. You wont have nothing listed for artists, album names, genres and more. They will be completely filled in.

You will also have all the beautiful album cover artwork in your iTunes. Those are key to take along with your songs you sync on an iPhone or your iPod. When you listen to songs on the iPhone you can see album covers rather than grey music notes. And grey music notes suck!! Lastly you will not have a problem with duplicate songs coming up in iTunes. Because duplicate songs make it very difficult to organize your iTunes music in your computer.

Finally your iTunes will be in great shape so you can enjoy your music rather than fight with it. After all it was meant to be, enjoyed, rather than to struggle with it right? Best part of all is that you can set it up and let it run and fix the problems automatically for you.

Go and do other things then come back to a fixed iTunes Song Library! Try it now!

iTunes Cleaner

You are reading this post because you have been searching online and are looking for an iTunes cleaner program because your iTunes song library is needing some fixing. You have multiple problems in your iTunes music library that needs to be fixed and you want to go through it and clean and fix those problems with an iTunes Cleaner Program that does it for you automatically. You certainly do not want to fix the problems by hand because you’ve tried in the past but it’s too tedious and takes too long. It gets boring after a while and you stop and move on to something else. But you keep coming back to your iTunes library and find those annoying problems that need to be fixed over and over again. Because of these countless problems you are not enjoying your iTunes music at all! The real problem is that because you have so many songs or mp3s in your iTunes if you decided to take on the project of fixing them by hand it will take too long. Your hands will be sore! It’s a huge daunting task to take on by yourself. You don’t want an iTunes Cleaner program that you have to walk through yourself. You want an iTunes Cleaner that does the cleaning and fixing all automatically.

The problems you have in your iTunes music library that keep you from enjoying your music that should be fixed by a professional iTunes Cleaner Program are:

Duplicate iTunes Songs need to be removed or set asise.

Album Cover Artwork needs to be added to replace gray music notes.

Missing Song Information needs to be added to songs.

Misspelled Song Information needs to be spelled correctly.

See below example with problems in iTunes needing cleaning. (Click To Enlarge)

You Can Automatically Clean Up Your iTunes Music Library With And iTunes Cleaner

I want to tell you about this powerful iTunes Cleaner software program that I’ve found which will do the fixes I mentioned above all automatically for you. It’s like a spring cleaner for your iTunes music library and you don’t do the spring, cleaning yourself, the program does the iTunes cleaning automatically. It’s like you hire the house cleaners that do the spring, cleaning for you.

There are only a couple of steps to set up after you download the powerful iTunes Cleaner software program to run it automatically and clean your iTunes.

It scans your iTunes music library and finds the problems that need to be fixed such as duplicate songs or songs needing album cover artwork added. It will even fix misspelled songs and add missing song information (names, album names, genres, years) all to your songs missing that information and all automatically. This is done in the metadata of your mp3s all automatically. It’s like magic and it’s the best thing ever to fix a messy iTunes library.

See below example with problems cleaned in iTunes with powerful iTunes Cleaner Program. (Click To Enlarge)

Which Program Cleans And Fixes Your iTunes Music Library Automatically?

Rinse by Real Networks is the only iTunes Cleaner software program that is highly recommended by professionals in the music and audio industries! It’s the best software program of it’s kind and most powerful. Never trust other programs out there as they promise more than they deliver and some don’t even work at all. Sometimes causing more problems in your iTunes music library than fix them. Be aware of programs that promise to do fixes that are unimaginable. RealNetworks Rinse just rocks! It totally cleans up your iTunes and makes it perfect for you to enjoy all the time. Once you run the software and clean up your iTunes then leave it and come back after you have imported more music and have a messy situation again. Every time I import more music I make sure I run Rinse to clean up the messiness that I import along with my music so that I can enjoy my music 100% and not 40 or 50%.

Take a look at RealNetworks Rinse today and give this iTunes Cleaner Program a test run for FREE! You can clean up a handful of messy songs and see what magic it does for you.

Best part about Rinse is that when your music is all fixed up and cleaned and you sync to your iPhone you can take the cleaned up songs with you rather than your messy songs. If you have messy songs in your iTunes or iPhone you wont be able to find the songs you really want to listen to.

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Fix Your iTunes With iTunes Cleaner

Your iTunes music library is not much without the beautiful album cover artwork that should be attached to all your awesome music. I was lucky enough to find an amazing program that works wonders. It automatically adds beautiful album cover art to all my songs. Watch this youtube video below it will show you the cover flow album covers in my iTunes.

If you want to have beautiful album cover artwork in your iTunes too then run this amazing piece of software and watch what happens automatically. Your music library will never be the same. Not only will this amazing software program automatically add album artwork but it will also remove duplicate songs, fix misspelled songs, add missing song names, artists names, album names and genres all automatically. Check it out here.

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iTunes Match Launches Soon, Fix iTunes Before Syncing With iTunes Match!

By now you have probably heard about the iTunes Match Service on the iCloud that Apple announced recently and are excited to take part in this new revolutionary technology to listen to music on the go anywhere with your music player devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you haven’t heard about the iTunes Match then read on as I think you will love what I’m about to tell you about the iTunes Match Service. iTunes Match is part of Apple’s new iTunes Cloud service which gives you the benefit of iTunes on the iTunes Cloud Service for music you haven’t purchased from iTunes. This is the best thing about the new iTunes Match and iTunes Cloud Services. If this is not making sense to you then basically what it means is all the music that you’ve ripped off of CDs into your iTunes music library will now almost automatically be available on any of your iDevices like your iPhone, or iPad or iPod Touch! On the go always never having to sync your music AGAIN!

So with the launch of the iTunes Match Service it’s a good idea to fully fix and clean your iTunes music library. Make sure your iTunes music is 100% in top shape so that when you finally sync with the Match service you wont have any problems with any of the music in your computers iTunes program. The more problems you have with your iTunes music the less you will be able to sync with the new iTunes Match Service and enjoy your music on the go!

So how does the iTunes Match Service work? Your iTunes will scan your entire music catalog and determine which of your songs are available at the really cool iTunes Music Store. One by one your songs and music will be matched with the songs at the iTunes Store then when the songs are matched they will be added to your iCloud Music Library. Once your matched music is stored on your iCloud Music Library is when you will be able to listen to this music anywhere on the go with any of your devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This is real cutting edge stuff we’re talking about! If any of your songs are not matched at the iTunes Music Store then these unmatched songs will have to be uploaded and added to your iCloud Music Library. Lastly when you’ve completed adding the songs that did not match with the iTunes Store you will be able to start listening to all your music on the go anytime, anywhere. This is fabulous! No more syncing your music! Your able to listen to all your music at high quality 256k bit rate.

But before you get jumping on the iTunes Match Service you should thoroughly fix and clean your iTunes Music Library with this powerful software program called Rinse. It’s the best software program of it’s kind to get your iTunes ready for the iTunes Match Service. It’s a quick automatic way to fix all kinds of annoying problems in your iTunes Music Library.

So fix your iTunes music library now before getting set up with iTunes Match. This powerful program will Remove Duplicate Songs so you don’t have those duplicate songs synced with the iTunes Match Service. It will add missing song information to your songs in iTunes that are missing the names, album names, genres etc. It will fix incorrectly spelled songs so you can find songs. And finally it will add beautiful album cover artwork to all your music.

Well get ready to start enjoying this cutting edge service called iTunes Match on the iTunes Cloud Service! To be 100% prepared for iTunes Match with all of your music in your iTunes music library you should thoroughly fix your iTunes music with this iTunes Cleaner program. If you don’t have song information in your iTunes music library or if you have misspelled songs and mp3s then iTunes Match will not be able to sync those to the iTunes Match Service. Clean your iTunes then Sync with iTunes Match Service and enjoy your music forever on the go! This is the most exciting thing to happen to digital music since the invention of mp3s, iTunes, iPods and iPhones! This will make our digital music lives much less complicated!

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