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I have been a music fan for as long as I remember, probably since I was 7 years old! I’m very happy with digital music and what it’s done for me as a fan of music and collecting albums and compilations from bands and musicians. It’s very convenient for me to have all my music in iTunes and have access to any of my songs at anytime I want to listen to anything. It’s especially convenient to have access to any music anytime whether it’s on the iTunes from the computer, or streamed to the Apple TV, or synced to my iPhone or iPod or iPad. It’s also very cool to be able to get on the Internet and buy music I want at anytime. I can go to Amazon, iTunes music store or any other countless download sites and purchase and download songs 24/7.

A lot of times though I download or import music into my iTunes but I don’t get the full information with the songs. It can be missing very important song information like the name of the artist or the band, the album name or genres that need to be added or filled in automatically. This can be quite annoying because when you are missing this important information in your music then you will have a very difficult time organizing you music perfectly. For example if you are alphabetically organizing your artists and there are artists or bands names missing in your iTunes music library (see below for example the picture) then you will not be able to organize the music consistently. Because iTunes does not know the names of the artists if there aren’t any names included in there. So it will push those bands or artists names that are blank to the very end unable to categorize. This is the same if you want to do it with album names or genres.

See the examples below. One regular view and the other Cover Flow view in iTunes shows several new songs with missing artist names, missing album name and missing genres. Click to enlarge pics to see a better view of the snapshot from my iTunes music library.

Fix iTunes Fill In Missing Information Automatically

Fix iTunes Fill Missing Song Information Automatically Cover Flow Mode

With the songs listed there I only have the names of the songs and nothing else. This can be quite problematic if you have tons of tracks like this because you will not be able to find these songs if you forget the names of these songs and don’t know who the artist is or the name of the album. It can actually be a nightmare because you’ll be sitting in front of the computer and searching for songs you want to listen to or add to playlists you’ve created for a party or something and you can’t find the songs then you are stuck putting the backup songs into your playlists and not have the songs you really want. Or if you want to add all these cool songs to a playlist to sync on your iPhone or iPad and can’t find them and are forced to go with other songs you have already heard. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this problem and it’s stressed me out. And think about this if your iTunes is huge like let’s say over 50 thousand mp3s then you will certainly have a stressful time digging through and trying to find songs you know you had but still can’t find!

Luckily there’s amazingly real cool program that can automate the procedure of filling in the missing information in your iTunes songs library and fixing those problems with songs missing important information. All you have to do is download this industry proven program here and launch it, set up a couple of things and let it do it’s fixes for you automatically to add the missing information to your songs in iTunes. It’s very simple and it works great!

You’ll go from what you see in the two images above to what you see in the example of my iTunes song library below. This Program Fixed Missing Song Information In My iTunes Music Library! Click to enlarge to see a better view.

Fix iTunes Fill Missing Song Information Automatically Fixed

The cool thing is this program does a whole lot more. Not only does it fix the missing info in your iTunes song library but it also adds beautiful album cover artwork to your songs.

Well it does not stop there. This powerful program also removes duplicate iTunes songs from my iTunes song library. And it also fixed my songs that were misspelled. Now once I ran this on my entire iTunes song library I was so happy later because all my songs were fixed and now I can really enjoy my iTunes songs again and don’t have to worry about finding out what I’m listening to. This powerful software program is awesome and this program works perfectly.

You should try it too! Best of all it’s FREE to just try it!

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