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You’ve finally imported all of your music into your iTunes library in your computer but you have some serious messiness with the music in iTunes that’s keeping you from enjoying your music 100! You are happy that they are all in your iTunes but you are unhappy because there are way too many problems with your iTunes mp3s. The problems don’t stop in your iTunes music and song library only but they transfer over to your iPhone and iPod too. Because you have many duplicate songs, many songs without album cover artwork, songs with misspelled information or so many songs or albums without any information on them so they are missing the most important details when you sync your iPhone or iPod those problems transfer over to your iPod and iPhone. You need to have your iTunes cleaned so that the songs in your iPhone and iPod will look complete. You need to find an iTunes cleaner that would fix your problems in your iTunes so when you sync your iPhone and iPod they are fixed on your iPhone too.

Here’s the great news, there is this awesome iTunes cleaner program that fixes and cleans those messy problems automatically so that you can enjoy your music better in iTunes and when you sync your iPhone or iPod you can also enjoy the songs and music on your iPod and iPhone much more too.

This iTunes cleaner program does the following fixes in your iTunes music and song library.

1. Fix And Add Missing Album Cover Artwork automatically.

-The iTunes cleaner program finds and adds missing album cover artwork automatically. This is one of the best fixes this powerful program does. Don’t to it by hand let this powerful software program do the work for you and let it fill in the album cover artwork by itself. It will tap into an online database and download the missing album covers for you. You’ll come back and enjoy your iTunes music and song library even more. Best of all when you have all the album covers in your iTunes you will be able to enjoy all the covers through your screensaver. That’s really fun!

See images above of before and after album cover artwork are fixed and added to your songs. No more grey music notes to look at. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

2. Fix Misspelled Song Details and Information automatically.

-The iTunes cleaner program cleans and fixes all those songs in your library that are spelled wrong. The program fixes misspelled and missing artist, album, name, track, year and genre details and renames artists and albums with their correct format so they look better in your iTunes and your iPhone and iPod. This will allow you to organize your music now either with artist names, album names, genres or any category.

3. Fix and Fill Missing Artist, Album, Genres Details automatically.

-The iTunes cleaner program finds and adds missing artist, album and genres information. If you don’t have this information in your iTunes then it will make it difficult to find music from certain artists you like, or certain genres you are searching for in your iTunes music and song library. So the iTunes cleaner program will search it’s smart online database and fill your missing info in your songs missing the information automatically in your iTunes music and song library. Again once you have the correct information you will be able to organize your music or set up Smart Playlists automatically.

4. Removes duplicate songs automatically.

-The iTunes cleaner program keeps the highest quality version of the duplicate songs and you can either choose to completely remove the duplicate music from your iTunes music and song library or move them aside in case you might need to come back to them at a later time. Sometimes you don’t want to completely remove songs from your iTunes music collection so just have this feature to put them aside for you and do a backup of it on discs or a hard drive or something.

After reading I’m sure you have realized that it’s about time you got this awesome and powerful program like I did and ran it on your own iTunes and let it clean up the messiness. Because once you do you’ll start enjoying your tunes right away on your computer then when you sync your iPhone or iPod to your iTunes you will start enjoying you’re fixed music on the go with your iPhone and iPod.

You can even try it for FREE.

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